Free Dinner in LA?

That’s right, folks! The Veggie Grill in Los Angeles (super yummy food, catering to those vegetarians and vegans you know) is giving free entrees to Veggie Grill “Virgins” after 4 p.m. tonight, Tuesday Jan. 12.

I actually just ate there last night and had a fantastic salad with blackened tempeh. It was sooo so good.

According to the rules ( you have to be a Veggie Grill Virgin to receive a free entree, and must be accompanied by a non-virg. Non-virg’s meal is not free. But. The two of you could split it.

This opportunity to try something new draws me back to the docu-film Food Inc., in which one particular family openly struggled with the choice of costly fruits and vegetables vs. uninsured medications for deteriorating health.  That The Veggie Grill is happy to expose people to plant based, healthy dietary choices, by willingly loosing profit, is commendable.

Kudos to Veggie Grill.  And to anyone who might not normally pay 8-12 dollars for a plant based, meat free meal, now’s your chance to try it out!


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Marketing interns apply within

INTERESTED APPLICANTS SEND EMAIL TO  Explain your interest in the position and include a resume.  Only those who follow these specific instructions will be considered.  Thanks!
Freelance journalist in the entertainment field looking for marketing intern for 2-4 hours per week to work on promotional materials and positioning. Gain valuable experience in positioning, placement, etc., by helping to build my independent brand. I’m a young professional with an impressive career in media arts and entertainment and am happy to train and provide valuable networking experiences to the selected intern. Could become a paid position if the right intern is found.

Right now I’m looking for someone who can commit to a few hours per week, on weekends. Once rapport is established, you will be entrusted with passwords and can telecommute. I’m happy to provide coffee and fun conversation in my home office, including the company of my kitten. That said, whoever you are, you shouldn’t be allergic to cats. I have an iMac computer for you to use, but you will be considerably more successful in the position if you are able to work remotely and thus, have your own laptop.

In leu of payment, intern will receive the following:
-I’ll probably kick you down some promotional materials once I’m done with them.
-I might get you to review some albums for me and let me know whether or not I should consider them.
-I will certainly invite you to shows/screenings, etc., so you can get on the job entertainment journalism experience if you are interested.

Interns at any level should apply, but preference will be given to those who are especially enthusiastic.

The lucky intern will do the following:
-Repost my promotional materials on my website, twitter, and facebook.
-Pitch my music column.
-Work on promotional materials for my podcast.
-And anything else you want to do. Some administrative tasks will include organizing mail, sending thank you cards to record labels, keeping office supplies in tact, etc.
-Eventually if this works out, you can do all of this from home and I will pay you in the neighborhood of $10/hr. But we’ll see how it goes and talk about it as things develop.

  • Location: Studio City
  • Compensation: Non paid to start; $10/hr once you get going.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is an internship job

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Thom Yorke secret show is best of 2009

I wrote an article for Paste Magazine on Thom Yorke’s secret show with his new band in Hollywood a few months ago.  This was huge for me.  After a bunch of stagnant months where I hadn’t much felt like writing, landing in Paste Mag really reaffirmed my self belief.

And I was astonished to discover today that they re-ran the article as part of their Best of 2009.  That’s right homies.

Here it is, again.

Side note: The Official Rolling Stones are now following me on twitter!  And so can you!  Also you can follow my goat in crime,

We love you.


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Rolling Stone missed the mark

Rolling Stone just released their top 100 of the decade song list and while there are some great names on it, arguably the music gets better the higher the list climbs.

A lot of the problem is some of the music is complicated to compare. You can’t really measure Eminem against Modest Mouse. And you can’t really measure Bruce Springsteen against LCD Soundsystem. While I’m happy to see good music is included on the list, I can’t help but also think the list is kind of cliche, and in some cases, negligent.

Surely Rolling Stone has some kind of advertising partnerships with a conglomerate who owns an agency, or a label, and that’s why some of these people are included.

Did I just give away a dirty media secret?

I think so.

Its so unfortunate to see how media can be swayed and purchased. Luckily I’m not for sale. I’d love to create my own weekly in print paper, swayed by no one, and distributed in a small community to avoid such idiocies.

For now, that’s Lisa, goating out.

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Grand Finale!

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Everybody’s Free.

First allow me to apologize for neglecting Grrblast. I promise I’ve been busy juggling classes, work, family, and holidays. One thing I’ve continued to do is protest. Historically throughout my life I’ve protested almost every single sign of change: the conversion of tape to CD to vinyl, for one, and a water park near my home town, for two. My hometown -Vallejo, CA- is actually a huge sore spot of mine, filled with resentment and angst. Once an affluent naval and blue-collar community, Vallejo is now a sunken skeleton of a great place. A historic downtown and water front do little to lift the spirits, it’s a largely vacant and depressing scene.  It’s sad because it never should have been this way. But it is. The town it’s self is currently bankrupt and it’s public school system has lost (and had to re-gain) accreditation. Convicts are given one way bus tickets from jail to the heart of downtown Vallejo.

Like I said, I’ve been busy protesting this place. Not because I hate it, but because I love it. There are so many deep seeded problems which need to be addressed if Vallejo will regain the meat that once made it so glamorous. So when I read about the current Mayor of Vallejo, and his referring to the LGBT community as being “sinners,” I flipped.  This, simply put, is bullshit and unacceptable behavior of any person, but especially someone in government and a position of leadership.

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Is it monday already?

Whoa! What happened here!

This is an artists representation of me.

It’s been quite a busy week in the Grrblast headquarters, with jobs and midterms coming up, so we are a little late on this weeks show, but next week’s show will be twice as good. I don’t like to do that, but sometimes life gets in the way, and you just have to keep on trucking.


I’d like to give a shout out to my cousin Jason who has a case of the Cottage Hospital blues. Hopefully he’ll get home tomorrow.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my favorite reporter, who is currently killing it daily in a major newspaper. You know who you are.

Keep on rocking.


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