Everybody’s Free.

First allow me to apologize for neglecting Grrblast. I promise I’ve been busy juggling classes, work, family, and holidays. One thing I’ve continued to do is protest. Historically throughout my life I’ve protested almost every single sign of change: the conversion of tape to CD to vinyl, for one, and a water park near my home town, for two. My hometown -Vallejo, CA- is actually a huge sore spot of mine, filled with resentment and angst. Once an affluent naval and blue-collar community, Vallejo is now a sunken skeleton of a great place. A historic downtown and water front do little to lift the spirits, it’s a largely vacant and depressing scene.  It’s sad because it never should have been this way. But it is. The town it’s self is currently bankrupt and it’s public school system has lost (and had to re-gain) accreditation. Convicts are given one way bus tickets from jail to the heart of downtown Vallejo.

Like I said, I’ve been busy protesting this place. Not because I hate it, but because I love it. There are so many deep seeded problems which need to be addressed if Vallejo will regain the meat that once made it so glamorous. So when I read about the current Mayor of Vallejo, and his referring to the LGBT community as being “sinners,” I flipped.  This, simply put, is bullshit and unacceptable behavior of any person, but especially someone in government and a position of leadership.


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