Rolling Stone missed the mark

Rolling Stone just released their top 100 of the decade song list and while there are some great names on it, arguably the music gets better the higher the list climbs.

A lot of the problem is some of the music is complicated to compare. You can’t really measure Eminem against Modest Mouse. And you can’t really measure Bruce Springsteen against LCD Soundsystem. While I’m happy to see good music is included on the list, I can’t help but also think the list is kind of cliche, and in some cases, negligent.

Surely Rolling Stone has some kind of advertising partnerships with a conglomerate who owns an agency, or a label, and that’s why some of these people are included.

Did I just give away a dirty media secret?

I think so.

Its so unfortunate to see how media can be swayed and purchased. Luckily I’m not for sale. I’d love to create my own weekly in print paper, swayed by no one, and distributed in a small community to avoid such idiocies.

For now, that’s Lisa, goating out.


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