Free Dinner in LA?

That’s right, folks! The Veggie Grill in Los Angeles (super yummy food, catering to those vegetarians and vegans you know) is giving free entrees to Veggie Grill “Virgins” after 4 p.m. tonight, Tuesday Jan. 12.

I actually just ate there last night and had a fantastic salad with blackened tempeh. It was sooo so good.

According to the rules ( you have to be a Veggie Grill Virgin to receive a free entree, and must be accompanied by a non-virg. Non-virg’s meal is not free. But. The two of you could split it.

This opportunity to try something new draws me back to the docu-film Food Inc., in which one particular family openly struggled with the choice of costly fruits and vegetables vs. uninsured medications for deteriorating health.  That The Veggie Grill is happy to expose people to plant based, healthy dietary choices, by willingly loosing profit, is commendable.

Kudos to Veggie Grill.  And to anyone who might not normally pay 8-12 dollars for a plant based, meat free meal, now’s your chance to try it out!


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