Grr-Health Care

We want free healthcare.  But not because we don’t want to pay for it.  We’re willing to pay.  But there are millions of people who suffer from ailments deemed “pre-existing medical conditions;” and my best friend is one of them.  She has MS and for that reason, getting health care, despite her need for it and ability to pay for it, will be somewhat impossible.  Please weigh in with your comments here, or write to us at

xxo Lisa


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Roses in the fall?

This next post is a little sentimental, but no less “grr-worthy.” A little over a year ago I lost my mother to her 26-year battle with alcoholism and since then I’ve slowly climbed away from a number of strange neurological side effects. Until today, I thought roses were ruined for me forever.


Mom, 1972

For the first time in over a year I smelled roses and didn’t gag. Everything about the situation was wrong: the 80-degree November morning and the roses themselves, sluggishly in bloom despite the season, and visibly waiting to be spared. And as I walked past the front yard that housed this odd scene, I caught a whiff. It was faint at first, but the farther I walked past, the more the fragrance grew. And as it rose, I admired the scent more and more until suddenly I realized there was something especially unusual, almost troubling, about this otherwise unusual scene.

I paused to consider the missing ingredient. It was the unmistakable odor of formaldehyde. This atrocious smelling chemical is used to treat bodies of the deceased between their autopsy and their burial, if in fact the family has chosen a viewing or open casket funeral. This odor, almost like a ghost limb, has been neurologically attached to the scent of roses since my mom’s funeral.

The lift, or disappearance of formaldehyde, is amazing. On some deeper level I’m sure it represents some part of my grieving process, a kind of letting go perhaps. The hardest thing I’ve ever done has been letting go of my mother who was dead the whole time she was alive, or at least the whole time I was alive.

It made me think about how comfortable people get in the recovery process. Like a bad breakup, it’s less frightening at times to hang onto bitterness and resentment than it is to drop those feelings and emerge into a new emotional place. At some point during my grief and recovery, I defined myself by it, so naturally I never wanted to let it go.

But I had a pumpkin pie to bake.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine explained the word “enjoy” to her 3-year-old daughter. She defined the word as “something you do for pleasure.” I hoped the little girl would say she enjoyed life, or enjoyed being happy, which is what I would have said if her mother asked me what I enjoy.

The roses, they don’t smell like embalming ingredients anymore. The war is over. I kept walking to the store; prouder and even happier than I’d been when I left the house initially. It’s 80-degrees in November and honestly, almost too hot to spend the afternoon in the kitchen baking a pumpkin pie. But the show goes on. And it’s better than ever.


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Episode 3-Brought to you by the letter F

Episode 3-Brought to you by the letter F
Because F is For Free!

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Rachel’s: Hands on Date

Hi all!  A friend of mine from class at UCLA had some sweet audio to laydown on the site.  If you’re into it, check out her blog:

xxo Lisa

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Part time lover…

Part time job, full time life.

Looking for  a job can be pretty hard. There’s not a lot of work in my field, and there are a lot of people looking. So when I got the call for a part time gig at a great company with a good attitude, I jumped at it. All this week I’ve been working part time. I would say part time work is a good gig if it would only pay the bills…

Am I as cool as this? Probably not, but I’m making my way!


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We can solve your relationship problems. Send an email to then tune into our podcast to see if we choose yours. The more dysfunctional the better!

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Grr-frozen vs. Canned: Where’s the bargain?

Frozen vs. Canned?

Hi Guys! I’ve been a bit inundated with school midterms this week, which we can talk about more on this week’s podcast, but I’ve been wanting to goat about frozen versus canned vegetables.

Let it be known: I love peas. I love them fresh, I love them canned, and I love them frozen. Not just because I’m a self proclaimed, impoverished goat. But because they’re good.

Straight off it’s probably easier to assume frozen is fresher and healthier than canned since preservation methods involve freezing rather than sodium treatments, so we won’t go into that too much.  But which is a better bargain? When determining the best deal on something, a lot of times people overlook the most important piece of goat-formation: the volume or weight of the product and the recommended serving size.

A bag of frozen Bird’s Eye brand “No Salt Added” peas at Ralph’s cost me 1.49 (on sale) and provided 16 oz, aka 1 pound of frozen peas.  The bag contains 5 servings at 2/3 cup each.  The peas work out to be about 30-cents per 2/3 cup serving.  Ok.

A can of Del Monte brand “No Salt Added” pea’s claims it’s 15 oz can (that’s only 1-oz less than the frozen) will provide 3.5, 1/2-cup servings. The can costs $1 (on sale), so divided by 3.5 it breaks down to 29-cents per serving.  Uh-huh.

Comparably, the frozen somehow equate to 10 calories more per serving (anyone not familiar, 2/3 and 1/2 are roughly the same size measurement with 2/3 being slightly larger), the sodium on the can is 10mg while the frozen, not surprisingly, is zero.  Fiber comes to 4g per serving for frozen and is the same in the can.  Protein is 1g higher on frozen peas, and sugar is 6g per serving in the can while it’s frozen counterpart lays claim to only 4g.

All in all, though they cost roughly the same per serving, I’m giving the grr-stamp of approval to the frozen peas.  If you’re going to eat grr-bachelor style, you might as well make it as healthy as possible.


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